Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ongoing great deals on bread

We consume a lot of bread in this household, especially when it is fresh, I can sit down and eat half a loaf! I'm also known to make 4 slices of toast and spray my favorite "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray on it so that the butter flavor I like has no calories. Believe me I love the fancy dancy breads that sell for over 2.00 a loaf. But my Kindergartner really only likes white bread for his daily peanut butter and jelly. For at least the last month, I've been able to pick up Kroger brand bread for under .50 a loaf. The other day I picked up 6 loafs at .39 each and the expiration date wasn't until 4 days later. So, when you are shopping for bread, and you can go in the morning to do it (which is when they mark it all down), look for the bright yellow and red tags that say clearance. I buy normally 4-6 which last us about 2 weeks and I throw them in the freezer.

I just wanted to pass this deal along so you can enjoy some bread savings as well! Also, they have the reduced hot dog and hamburger buns like this ALL THE TIME!!


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