Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meijer Shopping Trip

I went to Meijer yesterday and had a pretty good trip. My total out of pocket was $63.29, I saved $77.70 for a savings of 59%.

Keep in mind that I bought 6 packages of Johnsonville Brats with a raincheck and bought about 12.00 in juice.

Some of my favorite were Quaker Oatmeal at .88/box after 1.00 coupon, Ziploc bags that were .70 after coupons, but then I bought 4 boxes on two different transactions so I could submit for 10.00 in rebates. I haven't bought ziplocs since the beginning of the school year and I just ran out so it pays to stock up on these, Strawberries were 1.69 (and they were delicious!).

So, I will be receiving 10.00 back in rebates from these purchases :)


  1. How did you get the Ziplocs for 70 cents? And whha rebate do they have on them? Thanks!

  2. Hi, the ziplocs are on sale for 1.50 and there was a .40 coupon that doubled to .80 making them .70 before rebate. I had printed off (2) 1.50/2 ziploc products so I used to of the .40 ad 1 of the 1.50/2 so I bought 4 at a time. You can find the SC Johnson rebate form here: www.scjohnson.com/files/Rebate_Form.pdf

  3. Great - thanks for the info!