Saturday, March 27, 2010

My son broke my laptop screen

I have been MIA all week because my 2 year flicked my iphone charger against the back of my laptop screen and the entire LCD screen went out.

I did want to tell you that I did get over 200.00 worth of diapers this week for FREE between Rite Aid and CVS. I used some of my gift cards that I just received for rebates through Rite Aid and a lot of my ecb's that I had piled up from CVS, I rolled many of them and my neighbor let me use her card so I could get more also.

Please check out to see the scenarios. Word to the wise, her site says there's a limit of 3 packages of Pampers at CVS and I did transactions of 3 but it only gave me ecb's back for 2, so they manually printed the 3rd. They may not do this at another store though because the ad does state a limit of 2.

But these were some awesome deals, I got 18 packages of diapers and I was thrilled. My CVS will take Rite Aid's 5 off 25 competitor coupon too. I asked to talk to a mgr before I went shopping since I went to a new store and they had no problems but ask first!

These diaper deals end today so go grab some yourself :) I will try to post as often as possible but Dell thinks they might have my computer for a few days.


  1. Oh, what a bummer... I hope your fix is quick and inexpensive! Sweet deal on the diapers! I'm a little bit jealous! Hopefully we'll start potty training in a few weeks!

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