Sunday, March 7, 2010

$1.00 All Detergent last day at Family Dollar

I saw this deal but I wanted to verify that the coupons would work before I posted this. The coupon states 2.00 off any 50 oz or greater and the ad didn't specify. But I did grab 5 detergents for 1.00 each. Believe me, I don't need laundry detergent but I can't pass up the opportunity to get it for 1.00 each since I know it will get used and it will give me at least 30 loads worth for 1.00! And the type they had at this store was one I hadn't seen before in most other stores but it said safe in HE washers which is exactly what I need! So, if you want some 1.00 detergent, today is your day, hurry up! I'm not sure if they will extend a raincheck or not. You could always take the ad to Target and see if they will price match!

Interestingly enough, I asked them if they had anymore and she said no. I said how I loved how inexpensive they were with the coupon and she said "yeah, it's pretty stupid of corporate, they should wait to put this stuff on sale until after the coupons expire". Well, that opened up a whole can of worms. I tried to politely educate her that their company isn't really losing money since they will get reimbursed the 2.00 plus a handling fee. She still didn't seem to buy it but whatever, I got my detergent and that's what I went in for :) She was nice but it's amazing to me how uneducated the clerks are about coupons. I may just call their corporate offices to let them know....not to complain, I will not do that unless someone has been HORRIBLE to me, but just to tell them that they might want to educate their staff on how coupons work, because it seems logical that if you are going to accept mfg. coupons, you should know how they work, right? I felt bad that this lady thought their company was losing money on them when she told me their store is very, very slow and they've never even hit budget. There was maybe 3 of us in the store and she told me that is the normal pace, VERY SLOW. So, maybe her accepting coupons at such a high value makes her worry a bit about her job if she thinks the store is losing money. A little food for thought. Maybe I should try to find an article online about coupon redemption and when I have someone who obviously doesn't know how the process works, I can give it to them :) Might make for friendly transactions for many of us :) Luckily my cashier wasn't rude but I still felt bad as I was leaving!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the All deal!

    I had that happen to me at Kroger in Howell. The cashier told me (mind you, it was about 9pm and I was going through self-checkout and the store was dead) that "they" (referring to Kroger) were thinking about getting rid of coupons because all the money "they" were losing. I tried to politely tell her that they MAKE money on coupons because they receive an $.08 handling fee. I didn't mention the fact that the store would probably go under if they didn't accept coupons because everyone would switch to Meijer who doubles up to $.50 PLUS you can stack with a mealbox coupon. Whatever. I am so sick of cashiers acting like I am personally stealing money from their paychecks by using a coupon. The only thing they should be complaining about is the fact it takes an extra 2 minutes to scan some coupons.

  2. Yes, Cathy, it is pretty frustrating at how we are treated or quite comical some of the comments I hear about that. I think some of these people just pull stuff out of thin air. My favorite Rite Aid told me they are losing money on coupons and I said "how?" They shouldn't have out there 5 off 25.00 that you can print off if they are losing money in my opinion...I'll see if I can find a reputable source on how coupons work to see if I can link it to my blog.