Saturday, November 28, 2009

Great Black Friday Deal

I swore I was not going to go shopping yesterday because of the crowds, but my husband wanted to venture out to Target. It was quite busy but not too bad. I did score a great deal on a Playskool Dinosaur. My friend at Macomb Money Savers (she does some AWESOME Meijer Matchups!) listed this deal at Meijer but I happened to stumble on it cheaper at Target. I was able to print 2 more coupons just now so I'm going back to get a couple for Toys for Tots. Hopefully you can find these too and remember to hit the back button and print again. Click here to see the link on the deal

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sorry for my absence!

I have been a bit absent on the blog lately and I am sorry. Getting ready for Halloween, lots of coupon classes and my husband being out of the country left me with little time. And I have to say that there haven't been many awesome sales to write home about lately!

I haven't been to Meijer in over a month but I think I will head out tomorrow to grab some of the Macaroni Grill dinners. Check out for an AWESOME breakdown. I believe they are under a dollar each. I haven't gone to Meijer because there might only be one or two that peaked my interest and it wasn't worth loading the kids up! I did hit some good sales last week at Kroger with their mega event (cake mix, brownies, frosting).

This week I did hit the motherload at Target. Check out and click on Target, you'll find out how you can get free toddler flushable wipes. My kids bathroom cabinet is overflowing with these. I figured since they were free I can use them on my little guy if I run low on wipes. The coupons are for 1.00 off and I did get 10 tubs of regular baby wipes. They broke down to .57 each for 72, so I got 720 wipes for 5.70 which I thought was a great deal. The coupon is accessible (and you can print as many as you want at Organic Grocery Deals. Happy shopping!!!