Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Deals I found at Costco

I'll be the first one to admit that I don't encourage a lot of people to shop at Costco frequently but I did find what I thought were some pretty decent deals. None of these are "I must get in my car right now and head over there" deals but will save you several dollars. I wanted to share with you a few things that I found that I use a lot that will save me several dollars by purchasing them in bulk. These are items that most often, I am not able to get fantastic deals on or just coupons.

So, here's the breakdown:

Trash bags (200 ct) 11.59
*The last deal I got on trash bags was 1.00 for 15 Kroger brand, which breaks down to .066 a bag, the Costco bags break down to .057 a bag. I will tell you that the Costco bags are a much higher quality and drawstring and the Kroger bags were not.

**This is an item that I know you can get good deals on when there is a great sale but I was out of bags so I went with the best deal that would last me awhile.

Vegetable Oil 6.39
*This is a large container and even buying store brand, I normally pay about 2.99 for a large bottle, this large container will fill my large BOTTLE about 3 1/2 times so I figure a savings of about $4.00.

Organic Olive Oil 10.99
*We use a lot of olive oil and I normally buy store brand which runs abut 4.99 for a small bottle. I will be able to fill my small bottle about 3 times which will yield a savings of around $4.00.

Lunch Meat - Honey Turkey 7.01
*I found their lunch to be very inexpensive at 3.85 a pound and it tastes really good

Canned Mushrooms 5.79 for 12
*I use canned mushrooms for a variety of things and when I buy store brand they run about .59, so this is a savings of $1.29

Breadcrumbs 4.49
*I think this is a great deal. I use bread crumbs for a lot of things and normally I am buying a container every few weeks. Buying a 24oz container at Meijer runs 2.49, the amount I bought is equal to almost 4 containers, so this is a savings of over 5.00.

I also bought a large package of cheese, it was in the refrigerated dairy section, I did not include it in the picture because I opened it. It comes with 120 slices or 5 lbs and was 8.38. We were out and I knew all of this would get used fairly quickly so this broke down to about 7.5 packages of cheese that have 16 slices. This comes to about 1.12 a package and I thought this was a decent deal because, I don't remember being able to buy it recently for under 1.00. One thing you should know is that it is not individually wrapped.

So, maybe you'll find some of the deals will be worth your time, I was overall pretty happy with my purchases :)

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